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“Your Mission Should you Choose to Accept it!” 

“Your Mission Should you Choose to Accept it!”

It was a Saturday morning in 1996, and it was one of those times Daddy said, “I feel led of the Spirit to just go!” No scheduled church service, and we didn’t no where we were headed! Bill & I were married about five years, and he already knew this meant JUST GO! 😂 We quickly packed our church clothes, gassed up the car, picked up Mom & Dad and headed from Lakeland, FL up 75 North! Bill was driving with Daddy in the passenger seat like always! A few times on the trip Bill asked Daddy if he had any idea where we were going. The answer each time was “no not yet!”

We ended up driving all day, and made it as far as north Georgia! We got a hotel for the night, woke up early Sunday morning, dressed for church, then kept driving! We passed several churches along the way, but Daddy kept saying, “Keep Driving” 

It was a little past the usual church start time, and we were almost to the North Carolina line! Suddenly, a little Church of God on the top of a hill appeared! Daddy said, “Stop! that’s it!” The four of us walked in, and Sunday school was already in progress. None of us had ever been there, and did not know anyone. The Holyghost started moving in the Sunday school class! The teacher opened the floor for folks to comment on the lesson. The Holyghost had stirred up Moma, so she testified a little, and the glory of God came down in that little church! The pastor even had a hard time transitioning the service from Sunday school to the morning worship service! The Lord just kept moving! People were crying, and praising the Lord. A little later, the Pastor asked Daddy to “obey the Lord” Well, he testified a little, and then the Lord started using him to operate in the Gifts of the Holyghost. Remember, we knew NO ONE, and they didn’t know us! However, the SPIRIT was there to work! All of a sudden, Daddy walked over to two woman sitting to the right of the platform. He laid hands on them both, and started praying in the Spirit! He told them, “You have someone behind bars! God’s gonna set him free!” They both starting crying, raised their hands, and were rejoicing! I noticed when this happened, the Pastor also had tears rolling down his face, hands raised, and rejoicing!

After the service, we found out those two women were the Pastor’s wife & daughter in law! It was the Pastor’s son in prison, and his situation was hopeless! They had given up hope, he would ever get out! They left church that Sunday, encouraged, refreshed and believing for a miracle!

Daddy said, that’s all the Lord wanted him to do! The work was done! We left that little church on the hill that Sunday afternoon, and Bill drove us all the way back home!

You guess it, we found out later that Pastor’s son was miraculously set free, and came back home to his family! Mission Complete from My View of the Piano! PSALM 101#faith #ministry #gospel #music #christian #piano #church #mission #HolyGhost  #myviewfromthepiano

“Pushed By the Wind” 

“Pushed by The Wind”
(Literally & Spiritually)

In the early part of 1976, we loaded up the motorhome and headed to Virginia! No one had called us, and we didn’t know exactly where we were going! Daddy just told Moma the Lord had spoken, and we went! Now, let me stop right here to tell you a little bit about Moma. When God called Daddy into the ministry, he literally called Moma too! They were both working full-time jobs, making more money than they had ever made, when they answered the call! However, they always prayed and sought God together! So, when God called daddy, Mama already knew, and she followed! They both quit their jobs and went full-time for the Lord! Wow! Did they ever get some persecution from friends and family! Moma started homeschooling when homeschooling was not cool! Actually, in some states it was illegal! They knew it was better to obey God than man, and it was the best decision they ever made! Many times, in the middle of the night, we were sound asleep in our beds at home. Daddy would wake mama up and say, God spoke, and told me to go somewhere! Without hesitation, she would start packing, they would load us up, and we would hit the road! Sometimes, they wouldn’t even wake me up! Several times I remember going to sleep in my bed at home, and waking up in a strange place! Back in the days when kids didn’t have to be in car seats, and strapped in like a NASCAR driver! The backseat window made a great crib! Y’all stay tuned for more about Moma!

We left Lakeland, FL and made it to Virginia that next evening! It was late, so Daddy decided just to pull the motorhome into the Virginia Church of God state office! He plugged in the electric & water, and we went to sleep! By now, Daddy had already had license and ordination with the church of God! That’s a whole other story right there! Daddy only had a ninth grade education, and could not afford to go to Lee college or even the correspondence courses they offered at home! All he knew to do was to read the word of God, and ask God to give him wisdom and knowledge in understanding it! However, when Daddy went to take his ordination test, he passed, and scored higher than some of the guys that had been to Lee college!

Anyway, Daddy woke up the next morning, got dressed and walked into the Virginia Church of God state office, not knowing a single person there, and they surely didn’t know him! Daddy introduced himself, and simply said the Lord had spoke to him to come to the state of Virginia! They told him about a little church in Covington that needed revival! So, we left the state office and headed that way! We had absolutely no money, and only a quarter tank of gas in that brand new motorhome! So, the the gas gauge worked perfectly! Climbing up and down the mountains, it didn’t take long at all for that gas gauge to register empty! Daddy said we drove over an hour on empty! He was praying the whole way for God to put gas in the tank! Just like he put meal in the widows barrel, and oil in the vessels! The gas gauge never budged! Finally, Daddy started praying, God if you won’t put gas in the tank, get behind this motorhome, and push us! That’s exactly what happened! We climbed up and down those Blue Ridge Mountains, and finally pulled into the Covington Virginia Church of God late Saturday night. The gas tank still dead on empty! Mama had also just emptied the cupboards and prepared our last meal! We had no money left! We started revival that Sunday morning, the church had no pastor, and only ran 6 people! Daddy preached his heart out, and we sang anyway! God really moved in the service! Both the Sunday school superintendent, and the adult Sunday school teacher hit the altars! Come to find out, they had been drinking and smoking, but got delivered that morning!
Revival broke out! After the service, we headed to the motorhome, not sure what we were going to eat! Everyone had already left! All of the sudden, one car turned around and pulled back into the parking lot! It was the clerk! She came over to the motorhome and said, “Would you mind if we gave you the offerings our church has been holding because we have no pastor?” Daddy said “No, you don’t have to do that” she said, Yes, I do! The Lord told me too!” She handed daddy a fist full of cash, he said thank you, she got in her car and left! 
Daddy swung open that motorhome door, and told my brother “unhook this motorhome! We’re going to that McDonald’s we passed right down the road!”
That revival went on for two weeks, the church filled up, and God sent them a pastor! McDonald’s never tasted so good as that Sunday afternoon!” 
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The Kitchen Experience  

“The Kitchen Experience”

My earliest memory of a spiritual encounter was around three years old! I always remember Moma and Daddy praying at the house! As much of the power of God as I experienced in these church services growing up, there was as much power of God or more in our home at any given time! What you saw behind the pulpit was exactly what I saw at home! They were constantly seeking God for more of his power, leadership and wisdom!
This particular event stands out most to me, because it is one of my earliest memories experiencing, and feeling the power of God myself!

Daddy was in the kitchen walking and praying, Moma was in what we called the Florida room praying on her knees. You could feel the presence of God in the house! For some reason, I was drawn to go in the kitchen with daddy! At the tender age of three, I already knew to reverence the presence of God when he came in a room! I am not sure if it’s something my parents literally taught me, or just some thing children recognize! I sat in a little chair in the corner by the refrigerator watching and listening to Daddy! At times he would speak in English, and other times he would speak in that heavenly language! 
All of the sudden, I remember watching daddy stagger under the power of the Holy Ghost, almost like he was drunk! He fell down to his knees, continuing to pray and seek God! Then, I remember a Holy hush came in the kitchen, there was complete silence! Daddy slowly stretched his body out, and laid face down on the floor. I can’t tell you he actually levitated? As a three year old, I wasn’t sure what was happening! I just remember it looked as though he glided across the kitchen floor! At that moment, I heard his heavenly language completely change to syllables and words I hadn’t heard him speak before, and it was with such an authority, it almost scared me! I remember sitting perfectly still in that little chair as if an angel entered the room! It was a peaceful presence as if to say, “It is I, Be not afraid!”

Later, Daddy told us exactly what happened in that kitchen! He said God put him out in the Spirit, and was showing him the Holy of Holies where the veil separated the priest from the people! When he fell to his knees he was trying to get under that veil! However, God told him “you’re not low enough!” So, he went face down and crawled under that veil and went into the Holy of Holies! 
I look back now and realize, that experience completely changed our ministry! From that day forward, God started using my parents, in a way they didn’t even understand!
Still to this day, daddy is the most humble person I know, even from “my view from the piano!” PSALM 101

“The Bar of Soap” 

“The Bar of Soap”

My one and only brother is six years older than me. He was also six years old when God saved our parents! They were called into the ministry the year I was born in 1972! My brother and I have traveled many miles together in the backseat of a car, a motorhome, the “A-Team” van that pulled the travel trailer, and an old silver eagle bus. This was way before we had handheld video games, TVs in cars, or cell phones! Those long trips to go sing and preach could get boring! We had our share of sibling fights, and Daddy threatening to pull over for a good old fashion spanking! Yes, he did pull over a time or two!

However, we absolutely loved ministry, and a love for music was one thing we had in common! My brother was playing drums before I could play piano! I didn’t realize until I was a little older, he played drums backwards….he was a lefty! When I came along, we were a musical team! We made up all the music to MOMA’s songs! So, some of my earliest memories of my view from the piano, are of my brother playing drums in these amazing revivals, and church services we both were blessed to be a part of. Several years went by, and we had seen God provide for our family over and over again! I mean actual miracles of provision! However, this one stands out to me!

My brother was about 15 years old, and I know now, he was just being a normal teenager! He was getting weary of the ministry life, and was telling us he wanted a “normal” life. We had arrived at this church, and must have been low on funds, we were rolling the toothpaste tube to get us through! Honestly, I don’t remember this type of situation happening very often, but they did occasionally! This time, we were completely out of bath soap! There was no bar of soap on that travel trailer anywhere! So like all ministries, the devil was fighting us before the service that night. My brother was complaining! “This is ridiculous! I’m tired of this! Good Lord, I’d at least like to have a bar of soap!”

We heard a knock on the door! Daddy opened the door of the trailer, and someone was standing there with a box in their arms! They said, “We just wanted to bring you a blessing tonight!” Daddy took the box and handed it to my brother, who sat it in the middle of the travel trailer floor! As soon as he opened the box, my brother could not believe what fell out onto the floor! 

I saw my brother smile, with a tear in his eye! Moma and daddy were rejoicing and praising the Lord, and we all got a reminder of how God knows the need, and always provides! Needless to say, we all were clean, and had an amazing church service that night from “my view from the piano!” PSALM 101

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“My View From the Piano” 

“My View from the Piano”
The “Blind” Man
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20 years in the making!  

Today marks 20 years for Psalm 101! Bill & I officially picked the band name, and had our first concert 03-03-2003! God has faithfully blessed over the years! 
We just want to say thank you to everyone who have supported our vision with us! Every Pastor, church, event coordinator, or music promoter who have allowed us to minister on your stages!

Thank you to all who have listened to our music, gave a love offering, played our CD’s, downloaded our music, subscribed to our YOUTUBE channel, followed or liked us on Instagram & Facebook!

Thank you for every encouraging word, hug & handshake! Most of all, A HEARTFELT THANKS for every prayer you have prayed for PSALM 101 We feel them every time we minister! We love & appreciate you so much! We are looking forward to the next 20 years, if the Lord should tarry!

We also give honor to our ministry Pastors & mentors, our parents! William & Charmaine Massey….you are our greatest examples!

See ya out there at a  concert soon! 

Blessings from Psalm 101
Bill, Angela & Austin

Merry Christmas!  

Merry Christmas everyone! This is truly, the most wonderful time of the year! With all the celebrations, family, friends, decorations, music, events and activities, we focus on the main REASON we celebrate. 

“For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.” Isaiah 9:6  

We love and appreciate each one of you! May your Christmas be filled with love , joy and peace!  

Psalm 101 
Bill, Angela and Austin

Fall Colors 

 Fall is the most beautiful season of the year! The colors, changing leaves and cool breeze is breathtaking. It reminds me of one of my favorite scriptures, "O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him." Psalm 34:8. 

God has truly been faithful to Psalm 101 and our family. We are very grateful for all the blessings, open doors for ministry and allowing us to be his conduit to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost.

We love you all!

Angela, Bill & Austin Fulkerson


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