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"Stranded on Purpose" 

“Stranded on Purpose”
It was the mid 90’s, Bill & I were traveling full time with my parent’s ministry! We had been going full force for a while, and decided to take a little vacation to Canada! We had never been, so we rented a brand new conversion van, and the four of us headed north!
It was a Saturday, so Daddy had been praying all day about where God wanted us to stop for church on Sunday. Everything revolved around church…even vacations! Growing up, you just never planned anything to interfere with going to church! NEVER! We still live our lives that way!
All was going well, until we got to Cincinnati, OH! That brand new van just STOPPED! QUIT! It would not go another inch! We were stranded! Moma & Bill were their usual worried selves😂 Let me stop right here and say! If ever God made two people alike….it was my husband & my Moma! Two peas in a pod, Dynamic Duo, or some would say, Thunder & Lightning 😂 However, you see it, GOD DIVINELY PUT THOSE TWO TOGETHER! They are a God send to me & my Daddy!
Anyway, Daddy was his usual calm self. I think he already knew God was stopping us on purpose! The car rental company was awesome! They picked us up, rented us another vehicle, put us up in a hotel, and bought our dinner! We felt like royalty 😂 Now, remember, Bill & I were only married 5 years! Needless to say, we were already scraping pennies just to be able to go on a vacation! We could not have gone if Mom & Dad weren’t splitting the costs with us! Thank God for hotels with double beds! 😂 So, that night we splurged on two hotel rooms courtesy of the car rental company 😂
God led us to the Sharonville Church of God that morning! Again, never been there, and didn’t know the Pastor or anyone! The attendance was low, they had no musicians, and just seemed discouraged! The pastor introduced himself to us, Daddy told him we were just passing through. He then asked us to sing, and obey the Lord! I played their beautiful piano for their congregational singing, and you could see the joy on their faces! God used my family that day to lift up a discouraged church!
Well, we had a great time in Canada, and made it back home! When we returned the replacement vehicle to the car rental company, they completely took care of the entire bill for the entire week’s rental!
That trip taught Bill & I that God will ALWAYS pay the way, IF you put him first! Ministry is a calling, he will always provide for! We have learned you can never out give God! He may not always give it back to you monetarily, but his daily blessings will overtake you! Just a little something else I learned from “My View From the Piano!” PSALM 101 @followers

"The Wedding Rings"  

“The Wedding Rings”
It had only been a little while since God called my parents into the ministry! God was teaching them how to trust, and follow HIS voice. Neither of my parents came from “ministry” families, so this was a journey they knew nothing about.
They had married young. So young in fact, they had to go to Georgia to get married in 1965. The state of Florida would not allow it! So, they took off to Valdosta, GA with my maternal grandmother, to get hitched! Even though he was not a Christian, Daddy knew he wanted to get married in a church! The only church he was familiar with, was the Church of God his parents had started attending. They went to the courthouse, got the marriage license, and found the Valdosta Church of God preacher to marry them. Daddy had scraped up enough money to buy two cheap wedding rings for the occasion. However, the old Church of God preacher would not allow them to use the wedding rings in the quick ceremony. (The Church of God used to teach against wearing jewelry of any kind.) Anyway, they still had those cheap wedding rings when God called them into the ministry.
Fast forward to the mid-70s, they were invited to go preach a revival, but didn’t have enough money to put gas in the mini home. They both agreed to pawn those two wedding rings for about $20. We put gas in that mini home with a broken air conditioner, and we headed off to the revival. When we arrived, the church only had six older people attending! So, the offerings were little to nothing! But Daddy preached his heart out, and people were being saved, delivered, healed & filled!
God miraculously blessed that revival! The church filled up with people, and is still a church today! A lady who was saved in that revival, bought a brand new air conditioner, and paid to have it installed on our mini home! We left that revival with our cupboards full of food, a little extra money in our pockets, a full tank of gas, and full hearts!
Momma & Daddy are in their 58th year of marriage, and they never did replace those wedding rings. No diamond in the world could be worth more than what they gained when they pawned those two cheap rings to go preach the Gospel!
What they gained that day has been passed down to my generation as a forever keepsake of faith from “My View From the Piano!”
PSALM 101 @followers

"Passing the Faith" 

“Passing the Faith”
Growing up in a ministry family, you literally never missed church! NEVER! Which meant, there were times you went to church sick! I was not a sickly child, but I look back now, and realize the devil used many tactics trying to discourage and hinder my parents from ministry!
I will never forget this one time, I was about 4-5yrs old, and was burning up with fever! Moma had done everything she knew to do, but the fever kept climbing. Of course, my parents were already praying for me, but we were scheduled for another night of revival. They decided to go ahead and take me to church with them, but Moma sat on the back row with me. I remember, laying on the pew beside her, with my head in her lap.
She never stopped, praying! Suddenly, she said my face was turning more red by the minute, I had chills, and shaking. She feared I was fixing to go into convulsions from such a high fever! I remember Moma stood up, and interrupted the service!
She said, I am sorry, but my child needs prayer right now!
She grabbed me up, brought me down front, and laid me on the altar! My parents, and the church, started praying! You know, that loud kind of praying with the laying on of hands? Moma was desperately trying to have faith, but I am sure the fear was overwhelming! However, she wouldn’t give up, and they kept on praying! Suddenly, she said my face went from bright red, to completely normal within seconds! The chills and shaking stopped! My skin was cool to the touch! I was able to walk back to my seat, completely healed by the power of God!
That was one of my earliest memories of God divinely healing me. I guess that’s when I started learning to trust God for everything! My parents taught me to try God first! Anytime we were sick, we always prayed and trusted God first! I have raised my own two sons, the same way! Many times, I have called my parents on the phone, or ask them to come pray for our family when we are sick! We have always lived by James 5:14!
I will continue to tell my children, and my children’s children all the miracles I have seen from “My View From the Piano!” @followers PSALM 101

"My Souvenir from a Foreign Country" Part 6 (Final part) 

“My Souvenir From a Foreign Country” Part 6 (Final part)
After much soul searching & prayer, I came to this conclusion: I wasn’t sure I was ready to get married. Consequently, we decided to “not date” for a while. So, for a few months, we were just friends again!
The root of my “not ready for marriage” conclusion was what my parents taught me about the commitment of marriage in the Bible! Being in ministry all my life, I saw many church girl’s lives ruined by marrying that guy who said he loved her. I didn’t want that to be me, if I could help it! Needless to say, life for me became very confusing! I was trying my best to prove I could live without this brown eyed, guitar player who obviously loved me! 😢 I look back now, and realize how patient he was with me! Even my parents were doing some serious fasting & praying for us!
I am not sure whose prayers reached Heaven first, but neither of us could take it anymore! So, we met for a talk! That talk led to an “emotional discussion” Ok, maybe better described as an argument! 😂Apparently, Jacob was growing weary of “working” for Rachel, and he made this statement…”We either get married, or I’m going back to Texas!” 😳 Bless his heart, that’s all I needed to hear!
I said YES!
We did not tell ANYONE we were officially engaged! He wanted to respect my parents, and do things right! So, a few days later, we drove to my parents house! He was nervous! However, when we drove up in the driveway, mom and dad were sitting on the front porch swing, as if they were waiting for us! He told them how much he loved me, and we wanted to get married! Maybe this seems old school, but he literally asked my dad for his blessing to have my hand in marriage! ❤️ Of course, my daddy being who he is, said “no you don’t have my blessing!” We were silent for a few minutes. Then, that guitar player spoke up and said, “Well, I love her and we’re going to get married anyway!” Daddy started laughing, and Moma started crying! They told us they were just joking, and had been sitting on the front porch knowing we would come ask for their blessing that night! It’s hard to surprise folks who have the Gifts of the Spirit operating in their lives 😂
My Moma helped me plan the perfect wedding for us! On September 15, 1992 Daddy walked me down the aisle, and performed the wedding ceremony at the old Lake Wire Church of God in Lakeland, FL!
Now that Bill & I were married, we traveled all over with my parents preaching and singing! That long-haired, class clown boy, from a trouble childhood, was now seeing miracles for himself from his view from the guitar! Daddy would always introduce Bill as my souvenir from Texas, which was a foreign country to us!
31 years later, we are still thankful Daddy obeyed God and took that trip to Texas! ❤️

"My Souvenir from the Foreign Country" Part 5 

“My Souvenir From a Foreign Country” Part 5
As months went by, I think my parents were recognizing the “young love” forming between me & that guitar player! So, as a precaution, Daddy had a talk with him. I will paraphrase: “Son, your visit has lasted a lot longer than we thought it would! So, we think it may be best if you go back home to Texas for a while!” So, long story short, HE DID! 😂
Meanwhile, I graduated nursing school, and immediately started working in ICU! My parents were so proud to have another nurse in the family. I was 18, still living at home, and life was great! Yet, my heart sure missed my best friend. We still talked on the phone, and wrote letters, but I just couldn’t get this guy out of my head! Again, I thought maybe absence would make our friendship fade!
It didn’t!
Back in Houston at 17yrs old, that boy worked any job he could get for a solid year, saved his money, and moved himself to Florida permanently! He knew my parents were NOT gonna let him live in the backyard on the bus, so he got his own apartment, and asked Daddy if he could get his job back working for the family painting business! Surprisingly, Daddy hired him back. I see now how his determination, hard work and obvious love for me must have really impressed my parents. Of course, they were not gonna tell me that, because they didn’t want to encourage something that may not be God’s will for my life! Needless to say, that guitar player was back in our band, and back in my life! He sure was hard to get rid of!
So, another extremely long story short, after 4 years of on & off dating, he asked me to marry him! He was only 19, and I was 20! Honestly, I was making great money, still doing music & ministry with my family, and enjoying my independence in my own place! Well, it was kind of my own place. It was a little house Daddy owned less than 5 miles from their house. He let me live there with another pastor’s daughter friend for very cheap rent, as long as we paid the light bill! 😂 Anyway, it gave me experience, and a sense of responsibility! Like I said in the beginning of this story, I wasn’t that girl who “dreamed” of getting married! I was EXTREMELY independent! So, I had to pray about this…really pray! I was honestly terrified! My parents instilled in me that marriage was a lifetime commitment, and God, family, and ministry always come first! I couldn’t let this boy, who says he loves me, mess up “My View From the Piano!”
Stay tuned for the final part to THIS story next Monday! PSALM 101 #ministry #love #piano #music #gospel #Jesus

"Momma Don't Preach" 

“Momma Don’t Preach”
When God called Daddy to preach, he thought HE made a mistake! Daddy gave God every excuse why he couldn’t, but God had plans! There are some amazing preachers who can preach the Word, but they are not ministers of the Holyghost! There is a difference!
I wish I could put into words how God called BOTH my parents into the ministry! They are a team! You literally can not have one without the other! Daddy has NEVER gone anywhere to preach without Momma! Never! When my brother & I lived at home, they never went anywhere to minister without us! We were always together, and I am forever grateful for that! Family was first, and ministry was our family calling. Still is.
Momma has always been Daddy’s “right hand” in ministry! She is not a preacher! However, she has been “accused” of being one! 😂 She will quickly tell you, “I am not a preacher, I just love lifting up the Lord!” Let ME tell you though…Momma can out “testify” most preachers! 😂 I have also seen God use Momma in all nine gifts of the Holyghost!
Just recently God sent my parents to a church they had never been to before, didn’t know anyone, they just walked in for a visit. God had spoken, and they obeyed! The Pastor didn’t know them, but acknowledged them, and asked Daddy to testify. He did, the Lord anointed him, and folks were blessed. At the end of the service, a lady spoke up and said, “We would like to hear his wife testify too!” Momma's heart was already tuned into the Holyghost, HE had been speaking to her throughout the service! The pastor acknowledged the lady’s request, and asked Momma to testify! Momma knew she had to obey the Holyghost! She said, “Somebody here is contemplating divorce. You haven’t told anyone, but you are thinking of going through with it!” She continued with “You need to let the Lord help you today!” 😳
A hush came over that room! Finally, a lady stood up crying! “It’s me! I had planned on going tomorrow to file the divorce papers!” The lady’s husband was there, and he didn’t even know about it! No one in the church knew! She and her husband both went to the altar and prayed for restoration in their marriage! ❤️
Holyghost Operation: “Save a Marriage” complete! That’s MINISTRY! Nobody had to “preach a sermon” for the Holyghost to let that lady know, she was making the wrong decision! He just sent two of his special agents a few hundred miles, to deliver the message!
No, Momma don’t preach, she just loves lifting up the Lord! ❤️ I have seen God use Momma to get his message to someone many times from “My View From the Piano!”

"Bill's First Miracle" 

“Bill’s First Miracle”
We had only been married a little while. Bill and I were traveling with mom and dad’s ministry. Bill had heard all the testimonies and stories, and seen God move. However, he had never seen one of those healing miracles for himself, like he had heard us testify about.
We absolutely loved doing the music in their ministry! We were so blessed to be a part of it! They were our pastors, mentors, prayer partners, parents, in-laws, and best friends! They still are to this day!
Daddy had no idea what Bill had been praying about! He had been asking God to allow him to see a miracle. One Sunday, God led us to a church we had never been to before! God used my daddy that morning to minister to the people. It was getting toward the end of the service, and there was a young man sitting on the second row who had a withered hand! God led daddy over to pray for that young man! Everyone could see his hand was withered. Daddy started to pray for him, but paused! He motioned for Bill to come up to the front. He and I were sitting on the back row. Bill went forward, and Daddy asked him to stand right by the young man with the withered hand! They prayed for him, the young man started crying and praising the Lord. All of a sudden, his hand stretched out, and it went as straight as anyone else’s! I wish we had cell phone cameras back then! The look on Bill’s face was priceless! He finally witnessed his first miracle first “hand!”
The young man, and the church rejoiced over what God had done! However, Bill walked away knowing that not only could God perform miracles, but he heard a young man’s silent prayer to see a miracle for himself!

"My Souvenir From a Foreign Country " Part 4 

“My Souvenir from a Foreign Country” Part 4
Back home in Florida, I did what I loved best, writing & arranging more music! We were still doing ministry on the weekends, with a few revivals. However, we were staying closer to home! I also finished my homeschooling at 16 yrs old, and decided to take the GED! (Back then, the State of Florida didn’t honor homeschool diplomas) Needless to say, I stayed busy, and kept HIM out of my head, thinking absence would cure his “infatuation!”
My Moma was the biggest influence in my life for strong, courageous women! In fact, she still is! Moma only had a 6th grade education, and being raised in a turbulent home with an atheist father, brought even more obstacles!
However, Moma got saved the year before I was born, and that changed everything! She raised me in the beauty of holiness, and showed me by example, what a TRUE Proverbs 31 woman is!
Moma worked part time, and went back to school to get her high school diploma. Next, she finished nursing school as one of the top in her class! She worked as a Cardiac nurse for many years, and went on to teach the nursing assistants classes in Lakeland, FL! Finally, she started managing the family painting business for the latter 30 years, until she retired in 2021! All the while still being an amazing wife, mother, grandmother, ministry partner, prayer warrior and my all time favorite songwriter!
She inspired me to go to nursing school at 17 yrs old! Moma had to fight the state of Florida to get me in…18yrs old was the required age! She got a waiver from the governor stating I could start the nursing program at 17, as long as I was 18 when I took state boards! We did it! Moma taught me I could do anything, as long as I put God first!
During this time, that guitar player from Texas kept calling me EVERY Sunday afternoon, and writing me letters! He would not let me forget about him! Finally, my parents agreed to let him come for a visit! Just a visit! However, we had no idea what that 15 year old boy had in mind! He had been working, saving money, and bought his own greyhound bus ticket! He left Houston with a suitcase, a 1987 Blue Fender Stratocaster, and made the 2 day trip to Florida on that bus all by himself!
Well, he had full intentions to stay a while! Of course, he was NOT allowed to stay in our house! So, Daddy said he could stay on our old Silver Eagle ministry bus in the backyard, but not for free! Also, he was never allowed to be there, if my parents weren’t home! Daddy put him to work for $5 an hour as a “helper” in his house painting business! That boy worked hard almost 6 days a week, and ended up staying on that bus for several months! They would let him come in the house to eat supper with us, and chat a while! He would help me “study” my nursing in the living room, with everyone around watching! We were never left alone at anytime! Some say that’s too strict! However, I am extremely thankful for my parents loving me enough to protect me, and the ministry like that! They taught me I was priceless to them, and above all to God! The Bible says, if you leave a child alone they will bring you shame! They actually loved that boy, and me enough not to put us in a situation where we would be tempted! Thank God for parents who actually parent, lead and guide!
Another way they showed me what I saw from “My View From the Piano,” was the same thing I saw at home!
Stay tuned! Part 5 next Monday! PSALM 101

"My Souvenir From a Foreign Country " Part 3 

“My Souvenir From a Foreign Country“ Part 3
A few weeks before our final Sunday at that little church in Houston, my best friend decided to tell me that he loved me, and wanted to be more than just friends. He “confirmed” that statement with a huge Valentine’s Day card, a box of chocolates, and a teddy bear! Bless his heart, that “class clown” was trying to be serious! 
I knew we would be leaving his church, and going back to Florida in a few weeks, so I just brushed it off. I honestly felt he was merely infatuated with our being “best friends” relationship. Besides, he was barely 15 yrs old, experienced a troubled childhood, and had only recently cut off all that long hair! 😂 Definitely not what I thought my first love should be!
Needless to say, those next few weeks were somewhat awkward! He started looking at me differently, or at least it felt that way. I found myself not being able to look him in the eyes as much! For some reason, those brown eyes looked bigger, more loving, and could see right into the deepest part of my heart! He started calling me on the phone, we would talk & laugh for hours! Our record phone call was SEVEN hours long! In that conversation, he finally got me to admit that I liked him more than just friends too!
That final Sunday came, and there was an ache in my heart I sure wasn’t expecting! As Daddy was up preaching his last sermon at that little Texas church, I was sitting with our youth group, next to my best friend. I saw him take a tithe envelope and pencil from the back of the pew, and he started writing! He handed me the envelope with tears in his eyes! He had written the words to what had become “our song” those last few weeks.
“Young love, strong love, true love It's a new love.
They're gonna make it through the hard times, and walk those lines. Yeah, these ties will bind, Young love!”
After church, I told all my friends goodbye, knowing I would probably never see them again. However, when I told HIM goodbye that day, as hard as I tried to hold them back, the tears came. Those brown eyes looked at me and said, “I love you” I smiled, but didn’t say it back.
The car ride back to Florida was filled with tears, and emotions I did not understand. For the first time, I did not like this particular “View From the Piano!” Stay tuned for Part 4

"My Souvenir From a Foreign Country " Part 2 

“My Souvenir From a Foreign Country“ Part 2
Texas was a foreign country to us! Especially, the big city of Houston in 1987. At 15 yrs old, I got my permit, and learned to drive on those crazy “spaghetti” loops & highways in Houston traffic! I can pretty much drive anywhere now, thanks to that experience 😂
We spent 18 months running revivals, and singing concerts all around, then we would head back to that little church in Houston for Sunday services! We saw God do some miraculous things as that little church grew, and experienced it’s own revival just about every service.
At 16yrs old, Daddy made me “the choir director!” That’s what they called it back then! Nowadays, we say worship leader! Anyway, I was having the time of my life! We had a great youth group as well! I had never really experienced this as a teenager, because we were always a traveling ministry! So, to just settle down, and be in one place every Sunday for 18 months was a whole new world for me!
I made friends! One of those friends, was that blonde haired, guitar strumming, class clown boy who gave his heart to Jesus that first Sunday we met.
Bless his heart, he was still strumming that loud, slightly out of tune, electric guitar during MY choir songs, and it just sounded terrible! My brother and I had to think of a plan to “fix” that problem. So, we invited him to start playing acoustic guitar with our family singing group! Acoustic meant NOT PLUGGED IN! In other words, with our keyboard and drums, you could no longer hear him strumming that guitar! 😜 Problem solved!
Those 18 months in Texas were life-changing for me! The Lord helped me to seriously start writing songs, and arranging music! One of those songs, I still sing today in our Psalm 101 concerts! “Gloryworld” is one of my most requested songs. ❤️
I also learned about friendships! Our new acoustic player became my best friend! I do believe his goal in life was to make me laugh! We came from completely different backgrounds, and had almost nothing in common… but music! We both loved music!
One Sunday Daddy stood up in front of the congregation and announced that the Lord had spoken, and it was time for my family to leave! I was completely heartbroken that Sunday at church from “My View From the Piano!”

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