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Brand New Lyric Video “I’ll Be Standing” 

It’s finally here! Our first ever lyric video! “I’ll Be Standing” is the first single release from our new project called As Promised. Please help us out by going to our YouTube channel & Facebook page to like & share this video! Also, don’t forget to contact Your favorite gospel station to request ”I’ll Be Standing” by Psalm 101. Thank you so much, we appreciate your prayers and support!


Lyric Video Premiere  

We are so excited to debut our first ever lyric video! Join us on our social media pages for the premiere of the “I’ll Be Standing” lyric video. On November 20, 2020 at 7pm, visit any of our social media pages to watch the premiere! Please help us out by viewing, liking, and sharing the lyric video. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube! 
Thank you so much for your prayers and support, we really appreciate it!


As Promised is finally digital!  

“As Promised” is now available on all digital platforms! Wherever you listen to music, you can download or stream our brand new project! Also, we have launched a brand new YouTube channel! Make sure you subscribe, like & share when you listen to Psalm 101 on your favorite digital platforms! We appreciate your prayers & support, and we pray our music is a blessing to you!

Exciting New Music 

“As Promised” is finally available on CD! We are so excited to share this new project with you. All 10 songs were prayerfully selected, and came straight from our heart! We are thrilled to announce our record company, Chapel Valley, has selected one of our originals to be sent to radio this week! “I‘ll Be Standing” was written by Angela Fulkerson and her mother, Charmaine Massey. This song is an encouragement in the times we are living in, and we know it will be a blessing to you. Please help us out by calling your local radio station, or contacting your favorite Internet station to request “I’ll Be Standing” by Psalm 101. 
You can purchase As Promised on CD right here on our website. Also, it will be available on all digital platforms in just a few weeks! We appreciate your prayers and support!

A New Season! 

As we all know, 2020 hasn't been exactly normal for anyone. During the downtime, PSALM 101 has been focusing on new music and a new online presentation for their fans! 

Their new highly anticipated recording project titled "As Promised" is slated for a September 2020 release! Be watching your favorite social media connection to catch the announcement when it is officially released!

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