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"The Making of a Momma" 

“The Making of a Momma”
72 years ago, a beautiful, curly, brown, haired baby girl was born in Washington, D.C. Her parents were elderly, and were more like grandparents, giving her most anything she needed. However, her dad was an alcoholic atheist.
He moved the family to Lakeland, FL where he owned several bars & taverns. She would be in the middle of the terrible fights between her mom & dad. Having to try and hold her daddy down on the couch to keep him from killing her mom. They finally divorced, and at 6 yrs old, she would spend her weekends with her daddy, cleaning his bars on Sundays, after the filth from the drunks. Then, she would go home to her mom, who had to work long hours, leaving the child alone for hours.
Every once in a while, her aunt would come by and take the little girl to church to learn about Jesus. Her daddy would tell her, there is no God! That church is brain washing you! Then, he would look up into the sky, shake his fist at God, and curse him for everything in the book.
By the time this little girl was 19 years old, she was married, and had a son. However, the demons from her childhood tormented her. The constant fussing, fighting, and “bar life” quickly led to depression and the divorce was filed. Doctors wanted to "put her away" in Watson Clinic's mental health department, all she had to do was sign the papers.
Thankfully, that aunt who used to take her to church occasionally, was a praying saint of God, Aunt Myrtle! She had a son, who was a man of God, Lavon Reynolds. God gave him a vision of a young lady running to him, beating him in the chest, screaming Help Me! Help me! He told that vision from the pulpit, and this young girl's mother was at church that Sunday. When she heard the vision, she knew it was her tormented daughter. She went home and told her daughter the vision! That night, the 19 year old daughter & her husband went to church. The Holyghost met them there! She started screaming, God Help Me, and ran down to an old fashioned altar, her husband ran with her. God gloriously saved that 19 year old girl and her husband that night! He completely healed her mind, soul & body! The darkness was changed into marvelous light, and her face even looked different. Her daddy had passed away a few months before she got saved. As far as she knows, he never accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savior.
I never met THAT 19-year-old girl who desperately needed Jesus to deliver her from her mentally tormented past. However, a few months AFTER she got saved, she found out she was pregnant. In March of 1972, she had a little red curly haired baby girl named Angela 😜Yes! This is the story of MY beautiful mother, Charmaine Yvonne Bedford Massey.
She is the strongest woman of Faith I have ever known! Her love for her family is unconditional, and comes from her most inner being. She is my hero, prayer partner, best friend, songwriting inspiration, mentor, and sometimes partner in aggravating my husband, Bill! 😂
I am always honored to sing with Momma, and hear her tell her testimony! I have heard her testify these words many times, “I just want to thank God for making a Momma out of me!” I never get tired of seeing people blessed by the anointing on her life from “My View From the Piano!”
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"The Dollar" 

“The Dollar”
It was the early 80’s, and Daddy was asked to pastor a little church near our hometown. I look back now and realize, the people who owned the church, loved the lively preaching & singing, and the gifts of the Spirit operating, but didn’t think it came with the truths of God’s Word.
One lady in the church sure didn’t like Daddy preaching about sin! Really? Well, that lady caused a scene, and pointed her finger in Daddy’s face about her sin, and said she was going to live her lifestyle anyway! Now, she was not a new convert or baby in Christ. She was a professing Christian and regular attendee!
Fast forward a few Sundays…..
I absolutely loved Sunday School when I was a little girl! The singing, the stories, the Bible games, the cookies & koolaid…all of it! One Sunday, I won the prize for getting the Bible answers right or something, I can’t remember exactly. However, I do remember winning that crisp dollar bill as the prize! I was so happy, proud and excited to show my parents I won.
Well, the “finger pointing” lady got all upset that it was ME who won! I guess because I was the kid of the preacher who was preaching against sin! She told my Moma, right in front of me, that I should not keep that dollar, and I should put it in the church offering. I was only 8yrs old! Neither myself or Moma can remember if I kept the dollar or not! This was my first memory of church hurt 😢
This story was brought to my mind last weekend. A sweet little girl about 17yrs old, came up to me on stage, right after we finished singing, with a folded dollar bill in her hand. She begin to tell me how much of a blessing I was to her that night, and how inspired she was by the singing, music and testimonies. She then unfolded the dollar bill and placed it in my hand. She told me that was all the money she had, but wanted me to have it 😢 Oh Wow! Accepting her dollar was one of the hardest things to do! I prayed for her, and asked God to bless her & her dollar in more ways than she can imagine!
Yes, I am keeping her dollar! I have it on my desk at home, to remind me to pray for her! I don’t know the name of the lady who hurt me over that Sunday School dollar, but I will never forget seeing that 17-year-old girl worship, and her dollar from “My View From the Piano!” @followers PSALM 101

"Dr. Holyghost & Sunshine" 

“Dr. Holyghost & Sunshine”
When our younger son Austin was born, the doctor told us they wanted to keep him for further tests! They were concerned due to hearing a heart murmur, and his blood tests were abnormal…especially his bilirubin levels. Of course, my parents were at the hospital with us, and we started praying! At one point, I saw my Daddy take Austin over to the hospital window, and prayed a special blessing over him.
We decided to go ahead and take Austin home, trust God, and scheduled to bring him back in a few days for those tests, and possible treatments. At home, Bill felt led of the Holyghost to do something. Everday, for hours, he would hold Austin in his arms by a window, raise the blinds, and let the sunlight shine on his little body. All the while, praying, quoting scripture, and singing healing over him.
A few days later, we went back to the hospital for those tests. The doctor was puzzled when he said, “All of Austin’s blood levels are now completely normal, and I no longer hear that heart murmur!” He then continued, “All I can tell you to do is, “Hold Austin in the sunlight by a window for a few hours everyday!” 😂
Thanks for the medical degree advice Doc, but our primary physician, “Dr. Holyghost” already showed us to do that! 🙌😂 So, since that day, Austin’s nickname became “Sunshine” ❤️
I found out later, when Daddy took Austin over by the hospital window, God told him that Austin had a special calling on his life! Now, at 13 years old, I watch God use Austin every time he plays his drums to bring SUNSHINE to the hearts of the people listening. It makes my heart beam, but I can’t help but ponder in my heart, what else God has in store for our Sunshine from “My View From the Piano?” @followers PSALM 101

"Drums & Dancing Devils" 

Drums & Dancing Devils”
I won’t name the church and town of this next story! Let’s just say “the Devil went down to Georgia” and I think he attended this church!
Music was always a major part of my parents ministry. We would always sing before Daddy preached, and we sang the altar services. My brother & I loved playing music together. He played drums, and I would split the bass and piano on the keyboard, long before it was “cool” to do that! So, the two of us, had a three-piece band! Most churches appreciated the music!
However, I will never forget the day we arrived at THIS church for revival! We pulled our travel trailer in, the Pastor met us there, and we started unloading our music equipment inside the sanctuary, just like we always did! My brother started unloading his drums, and the pastor stopped us, and asked, what is that? Daddy told him those are my sons drums. He immediately objected, and said we don’t allow drums here at our church. What?!?!
This was a Pentecostal church in the mid 80’s, so we were shocked!
The pastor left to get ready for the service! Daddy told us to go ahead and set up the drums! So we did! This revival was one of the strangest ones I remember! Hardly any young people were part of that church, and the few that did attend, had such a sad countenance! We were used to fighting the devil, but we knew from meeting the Pastor earlier, this one was gonna be a doozy!
The service that night was officially what we call DEAD! My ministry friends will understand this statement: “you could cut it with a knife!” The pastor didn’t allow women or young people to do much in the church! So, with my Momma, myself & my brother’s drums, we were interrupting their normal! We kept fighting through it for the next night!
The devil was waiting on us for night two. The service started with their regular congregational singing, and boy did they ever have a plan! They had every intention to not allow Momma, and our music back up on that platform! Now, remember I did say this was a Pentecostal church, but it wasn’t the kind of Pentecost I’m used to! I will stop right here and say this! A lot of the “stuff” you see on Christian television, YouTube, etc. most of this is people acting in their own flesh, and it is NOT a real move of the Holy Ghost! There is absolutely nothing wrong with rejoicing, or dancing, as long as it IS the HOLY Spirit, and not a fleshly spirit! Nothing aggravates me much more than seeing Pentecost being abused and misused!
Anyway, one man started “dancing” during their congregational singing. They were supposedly having a “move of the spirit,” however, we felt absolutely nothing but the devil! Moma was sitting on the second row left side, and I watched him as he danced his way closer and closer to her! He then started waving his arms around, and literally took a few swings at my Moma’s head! Are you serious!?!?
I watched my daddy march over to him, get his attention, and said “Buddy, you better move NOW!” Oh, the exciting things you get to see in church! 😂 That put a stop to their so called, shouting and dancing! Daddy felt led for us to go ahead and sing & preach anyway! So, we did!
The next day we heard a knock on our travel trailer door in the church parking lot. It was a family in the church with teenagers. They shared their story with us, and I will paraphrase. Basically, the young people were inspired by our ministry, and it opened their eyes to the demonic bondage they were experiencing in that church! We were able to pray for them, and encourage them to make a decision for their family!
Mission accomplished! We wiped the dust from our feet, and ended the revival, and headed to the next one! My parents continued to encourage us to always play our music for the Lord!
They also instilled these truths in me over and over again! “The devil only fights those he knows God can use!” and “Real Ministry makes the devil mad!” I have spoken these truths in my life so many times, to encourage myself in the Lord!
This is just another way I learned to literally fight the devil, even down in Georgia, from “My View From the Piano!” @followers PSALM 101

“The Fall” 

“The Fall” (this one is an extra long read! It was hard to summarize! Getting closer to being finished with writing this book!)

August 15, 2006 was the day I thought our life was going to change forever! We were extremely busy! Three years earlier, we had started our own music ministry called Psalm 101, as well as still ministering with my parents in revivals & church services! God had been dealing with us for a while to start our music ministry. We finally said yes, God filled Bill with the Holy Ghost, and from the day he received the Baptism of the Holyghost….life went from blessed, to abundantly blessed overnight! I will have to write more about that on another day!

Anyway, God had been giving Bill dreams, visions, and using him in a mighty way in our services! Bill had found a prayer place that he would go to, and when he would come home from work, I could tell he stopped by his prayer place! There were many times, I could literally feel the presence of God radiating from Bill when he walked in the door! Needless to say, I had no idea he had been asking God to “slow him down”, so he could seek him even more! Sometimes, you get so busy doing GOOD things, that you don’t have the time you need with just you and the Lord!

Bill had been fasting for spiritual reasons…not the popular fasting for your health. His fasting consisted of no food, water, vitamins, supplements…absolutely nothing! He was into the fast a few days, when God laid a heavy burden on him to pray! The Lord didn’t show him who or what to pray for, just to pray!

A few days later, Bill went to work just like any normal day!
At 4:40 PM, August 15, 2006, I received a phone call from Bill’s coworker! “Angela, this is Joe! Bill has just fallen from a high roof! I don’t know how bad he’s hurt, I think he is conscious, the ambulance is on the way!”

Our older son was only 7yrs old at the time, I tried to stay calm to not scare him! I immediately started crying out to God for help! I called my parents, they picked us up, and we rushed to the hospital! Of course, we prayed the 15 minute ride there!

We found Bill in the emergency room, they were treating him as priority trauma patient! It was certainly a frightening sight!
The doctor told me they did not know the extent of his injuries until they were able to get him stiched up enough for the tests! They had him flat of his back in a neck brace! Bill’s coworker reported the fall was 22 feet straight down to the concrete! I was thankful he was alive, but as a nurse, I was expecting the worst! I had taken care of patients with head, neck & back injuries, they were what we called “total care” patients! I remember sitting in the waiting room thinking, “God is this why you gave me all that nursing experience for total care patients?” I was expecting to take care of Bill, the rest of his life! What will we do? Bill would no longer be able to work, our concerts would stop, I would have to go back to work, I wouldn’t be able to continue to homeschool. I know these thoughts seem minor now, but at the moment it was a whirlwind of emotions! Not to mention, I also knew we had absolutely no health insurance!

After all the tests came back, The doctors were absolutely amazed. Bill had no head injuries, no neck or spinal injuries, no back injuries, and no internal injuries whatsoever! The doctor even told us, if your husband would’ve been just a few pounds heavier, this fall would have killed him! Now, we knew why God led Bill on a fast! When he goes on a fast like that for several days, he easily loses 10+ pounds! 🙌

He did have a crushed heel, broken knee & wrist, a few sprains, a broken nose, several facial fractures, and lost his front teeth. The Dr said Bill would never walk right again! The crushed heel was not something they could fix with surgery. Hopefully, it would fuse back together in time, but would be grossly deformed. He would have to wear a special shoe, walk with a limp & possibly a cane the rest of his life, and mobility would be limited. He spent 3 months in a wheelchair, and I gladly accepted the position as his private nurse!

We were seeking God and believing for a miracle! The prayers and support of my parents were a Godsend! We did have to cancel concerts, and of course Bill could not work! We were trusting God!

We never missed a church service at our home church! I would load Bill & his wheelchair in the car, and we were there every service on the right side 2nd row. Our miracle happened in one of those church services!
The Holyghost started moving one night during the singing! Yes, I was on the piano leading worship! Bill’s grandmother had come to visit for about 2 weeks to help me out with taking care of Bill. She was there that night! As the Spirit was moving, I watched my mother and Bill’s grandmother, both obey the Lord, and walk over to Bill. They got on each side of his wheelchair, laid hands on him, and we’re praying in the Holy Ghost! Bill said later, he felt something warm hit the top of his knees, and it went out both of his feet! He had both arms in casts, but had those hands raised in the air, tears rolling down his face, and praising God! We knew that was the moment God healed his body!

We went to the doctor for Bill’s next appointment. At the doctor’s astonishment, the new Xrays showed that every bone in Bill's crushed heel had ALREADY formed back perfectly in place! No deformity, no special shoe, no limp, and no cane! We literally watched the doctor scratch his head, as we were praising God in the doctors office! 
Yes, he is back up on roofs, painting houses, working, loading equipment, extremely active with our 13 year old son, and our grandbabies! Also, they did have to put a piece of metal in Bill’s broken wrist to fix that brake! However, if you’ve heard him play his guitar, you know he does play a little “heavy metal” for Jesus! 😂

God is a MIRACLE worker! What the devil meant for evil, God turned for good, and received ALL the glory! God has blessed our painting business like never before, our Psalm 101 music schedule is busier than it’s ever been! You lost that one, Satan! Still going strong for Jesus! By the way, God also miraculously paid that hospital bill! I can’t even explain that one in words! @followers


“European Vacation” 

It was 1997, My parents were invited by the Church of God to go to Europe, and minister for our military service centers. Those centers were a place all denominations within our military could gather, and worship. The Church of God was sending out ministers, and they were each assigned a different center. Some of the expenses were covered, but the rest had to pay out of pocket.
Bill & I were married 5 yrs, no kids yet, and pretty much living paycheck to paycheck with no extras. We were traveling in the ministry with my parents on the weekends, and to be able to go to Europe with them to minister, was completely out of the question! It would cost $500 up front!
A few days before the deadline to get on the list of ministers, secure travel arrangements and passports, we were ministering at the 7th Street Church of God in Winter Haven, FL, and God moved mightily that night! We had not told ANYONE about not having the money to be able to go on the ministry trip to Europe. At the end of the service, Pastor Hughes went to the pulpit to close the service, but said God had laid something on his heart!
He knew about the Europe trip, and said God told him their church needed to help fund it! He took up an offering that night, and prayed over my parents, Bill & myself. Can you guess how much that offering was? Yes, exactly $500!
Daddy said, “it’s meant for y’all to go” That $500 was enough to secure our travel arrangements and passports! We were able to go and experience God do some amazing things! We sang, Moma testified, & Daddy preached to a variety of denominations, nationalities, and walks of life, and we watched the Holyghost unite us all as one to do what HE wanted done!
Now, we scrimped & saved to have a little extra, and God blessed us to be able to sight see a little during the daytime in France, Holland, Germany, Belgium, and Luxenberg!
God showed us that when you put the work of the Lord FIRST, he will give you more than you can ever dream! Like Bill giving me a kiss at the top of the Eiffel Tower! Some things I never expected from “My View From the Piano!” PSALM 101 @followers

"I Was Just A Baby" 

I was a baby, and have no memory of this event. However, the testimony has been told to me many times, and I will continue to tell my children!
My one and only brother was born six years before me. Dale was born with asthma, and the disease progressively worsened as he grew. By the time he was six years old, his asthma attacks would be so severe, that if he was standing outside, and you were inside, you could hear him gasping for breath! They would rush him to the emergency room each time this would happen! The last time he had an attack, the doctors said there was absolutely nothing else they can do for him! They were told to fulfill all the prescriptions, buy a breathing machine, and just make Dale as comfortable as possible!
Thankfully, mom and dad had just been saved a few months, and their pastor was Lavon Reynolds! He was their very first pastor, and the one God used to bring them to salvation! Now, I did get to meet Bro Reynolds, hear him preach, and worship in some beautiful church services with him, his lovely wife and family over the years! Precious memories!
The situation for my brother seemed hopeless, he needed a miracle! All mom and dad knew to do was to call their Pastor for prayer! My parents had my brother lying on the couch, he was in the middle of another attack! His breathing was extremely labored, and nothing they tried was helping! Bro. Reynolds walked in the door, knelt down beside Dale, laid his hands on his chest, and started to pray under the anointing and power of the Holy Ghost! The presence of God was in the room! Bro Reynolds got up, went to the door to leave, and then he turned around and pointed to my brother! He said, “that boy will be all right by in the morning!” Then he left.
My parents said Dale’s breathing immediately started calming down, and continued to improve throughout the night! He was able to get up the next morning, and go to school as if nothing had happened!
Now, because of the asthma, Dale missed many school days, and had never been able to play sports, run or anything like that, without having an attack!
However, after school that day, he came running into the house excited to tell my parents what happened! He was able to play baseball at school, he hit the ball the furthest, and ran all the way around the bases without any difficulty whatsoever!
I am an eyewitness to the fact that my brother has never had another asthma attack since the day Bro Reynolds laid hands on him and prayed for his healing! NEVER!
Tomorrow, I have the honor and privilege of singing at Bro Lavon Reynolds homegoing! He has gone to be with Jesus just four weeks after his loving wife left this earth for her home in Heaven! They are rejoicing in the presence of God together!
God mightily used Bro Reynolds to lead my parents to the Lord, and inspire them in ministry, and was an example of how “the fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much!” Daddy talked to Bro Lavon just 3 weeks ago! Even in his final days, he encouraged my parents to keep on working for Jesus for as long as they can!
Tomorrow, I will continue to give honor to Lavon Reynolds, his wife, and his beautiful family, from “My View From the Piano!” PSALM 101 @followers

"Stranded on Purpose" 

“Stranded on Purpose”
It was the mid 90’s, Bill & I were traveling full time with my parent’s ministry! We had been going full force for a while, and decided to take a little vacation to Canada! We had never been, so we rented a brand new conversion van, and the four of us headed north!
It was a Saturday, so Daddy had been praying all day about where God wanted us to stop for church on Sunday. Everything revolved around church…even vacations! Growing up, you just never planned anything to interfere with going to church! NEVER! We still live our lives that way!
All was going well, until we got to Cincinnati, OH! That brand new van just STOPPED! QUIT! It would not go another inch! We were stranded! Moma & Bill were their usual worried selves😂 Let me stop right here and say! If ever God made two people alike….it was my husband & my Moma! Two peas in a pod, Dynamic Duo, or some would say, Thunder & Lightning 😂 However, you see it, GOD DIVINELY PUT THOSE TWO TOGETHER! They are a God send to me & my Daddy!
Anyway, Daddy was his usual calm self. I think he already knew God was stopping us on purpose! The car rental company was awesome! They picked us up, rented us another vehicle, put us up in a hotel, and bought our dinner! We felt like royalty 😂 Now, remember, Bill & I were only married 5 years! Needless to say, we were already scraping pennies just to be able to go on a vacation! We could not have gone if Mom & Dad weren’t splitting the costs with us! Thank God for hotels with double beds! 😂 So, that night we splurged on two hotel rooms courtesy of the car rental company 😂
God led us to the Sharonville Church of God that morning! Again, never been there, and didn’t know the Pastor or anyone! The attendance was low, they had no musicians, and just seemed discouraged! The pastor introduced himself to us, Daddy told him we were just passing through. He then asked us to sing, and obey the Lord! I played their beautiful piano for their congregational singing, and you could see the joy on their faces! God used my family that day to lift up a discouraged church!
Well, we had a great time in Canada, and made it back home! When we returned the replacement vehicle to the car rental company, they completely took care of the entire bill for the entire week’s rental!
That trip taught Bill & I that God will ALWAYS pay the way, IF you put him first! Ministry is a calling, he will always provide for! We have learned you can never out give God! He may not always give it back to you monetarily, but his daily blessings will overtake you! Just a little something else I learned from “My View From the Piano!” PSALM 101 @followers

"The Wedding Rings"  

“The Wedding Rings”
It had only been a little while since God called my parents into the ministry! God was teaching them how to trust, and follow HIS voice. Neither of my parents came from “ministry” families, so this was a journey they knew nothing about.
They had married young. So young in fact, they had to go to Georgia to get married in 1965. The state of Florida would not allow it! So, they took off to Valdosta, GA with my maternal grandmother, to get hitched! Even though he was not a Christian, Daddy knew he wanted to get married in a church! The only church he was familiar with, was the Church of God his parents had started attending. They went to the courthouse, got the marriage license, and found the Valdosta Church of God preacher to marry them. Daddy had scraped up enough money to buy two cheap wedding rings for the occasion. However, the old Church of God preacher would not allow them to use the wedding rings in the quick ceremony. (The Church of God used to teach against wearing jewelry of any kind.) Anyway, they still had those cheap wedding rings when God called them into the ministry.
Fast forward to the mid-70s, they were invited to go preach a revival, but didn’t have enough money to put gas in the mini home. They both agreed to pawn those two wedding rings for about $20. We put gas in that mini home with a broken air conditioner, and we headed off to the revival. When we arrived, the church only had six older people attending! So, the offerings were little to nothing! But Daddy preached his heart out, and people were being saved, delivered, healed & filled!
God miraculously blessed that revival! The church filled up with people, and is still a church today! A lady who was saved in that revival, bought a brand new air conditioner, and paid to have it installed on our mini home! We left that revival with our cupboards full of food, a little extra money in our pockets, a full tank of gas, and full hearts!
Momma & Daddy are in their 58th year of marriage, and they never did replace those wedding rings. No diamond in the world could be worth more than what they gained when they pawned those two cheap rings to go preach the Gospel!
What they gained that day has been passed down to my generation as a forever keepsake of faith from “My View From the Piano!”
PSALM 101 @followers

"Passing the Faith" 

“Passing the Faith”
Growing up in a ministry family, you literally never missed church! NEVER! Which meant, there were times you went to church sick! I was not a sickly child, but I look back now, and realize the devil used many tactics trying to discourage and hinder my parents from ministry!
I will never forget this one time, I was about 4-5yrs old, and was burning up with fever! Moma had done everything she knew to do, but the fever kept climbing. Of course, my parents were already praying for me, but we were scheduled for another night of revival. They decided to go ahead and take me to church with them, but Moma sat on the back row with me. I remember, laying on the pew beside her, with my head in her lap.
She never stopped, praying! Suddenly, she said my face was turning more red by the minute, I had chills, and shaking. She feared I was fixing to go into convulsions from such a high fever! I remember Moma stood up, and interrupted the service!
She said, I am sorry, but my child needs prayer right now!
She grabbed me up, brought me down front, and laid me on the altar! My parents, and the church, started praying! You know, that loud kind of praying with the laying on of hands? Moma was desperately trying to have faith, but I am sure the fear was overwhelming! However, she wouldn’t give up, and they kept on praying! Suddenly, she said my face went from bright red, to completely normal within seconds! The chills and shaking stopped! My skin was cool to the touch! I was able to walk back to my seat, completely healed by the power of God!
That was one of my earliest memories of God divinely healing me. I guess that’s when I started learning to trust God for everything! My parents taught me to try God first! Anytime we were sick, we always prayed and trusted God first! I have raised my own two sons, the same way! Many times, I have called my parents on the phone, or ask them to come pray for our family when we are sick! We have always lived by James 5:14!
I will continue to tell my children, and my children’s children all the miracles I have seen from “My View From the Piano!” @followers PSALM 101

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