"Stranded on Purpose"

“Stranded on Purpose”
It was the mid 90’s, Bill & I were traveling full time with my parent’s ministry! We had been going full force for a while, and decided to take a little vacation to Canada! We had never been, so we rented a brand new conversion van, and the four of us headed north!
It was a Saturday, so Daddy had been praying all day about where God wanted us to stop for church on Sunday. Everything revolved around church…even vacations! Growing up, you just never planned anything to interfere with going to church! NEVER! We still live our lives that way!
All was going well, until we got to Cincinnati, OH! That brand new van just STOPPED! QUIT! It would not go another inch! We were stranded! Moma & Bill were their usual worried selves😂 Let me stop right here and say! If ever God made two people alike….it was my husband & my Moma! Two peas in a pod, Dynamic Duo, or some would say, Thunder & Lightning 😂 However, you see it, GOD DIVINELY PUT THOSE TWO TOGETHER! They are a God send to me & my Daddy!
Anyway, Daddy was his usual calm self. I think he already knew God was stopping us on purpose! The car rental company was awesome! They picked us up, rented us another vehicle, put us up in a hotel, and bought our dinner! We felt like royalty 😂 Now, remember, Bill & I were only married 5 years! Needless to say, we were already scraping pennies just to be able to go on a vacation! We could not have gone if Mom & Dad weren’t splitting the costs with us! Thank God for hotels with double beds! 😂 So, that night we splurged on two hotel rooms courtesy of the car rental company 😂
God led us to the Sharonville Church of God that morning! Again, never been there, and didn’t know the Pastor or anyone! The attendance was low, they had no musicians, and just seemed discouraged! The pastor introduced himself to us, Daddy told him we were just passing through. He then asked us to sing, and obey the Lord! I played their beautiful piano for their congregational singing, and you could see the joy on their faces! God used my family that day to lift up a discouraged church!
Well, we had a great time in Canada, and made it back home! When we returned the replacement vehicle to the car rental company, they completely took care of the entire bill for the entire week’s rental!
That trip taught Bill & I that God will ALWAYS pay the way, IF you put him first! Ministry is a calling, he will always provide for! We have learned you can never out give God! He may not always give it back to you monetarily, but his daily blessings will overtake you! Just a little something else I learned from “My View From the Piano!” PSALM 101 @followers

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