"My Souvenir from the Foreign Country" Part 5

“My Souvenir From a Foreign Country” Part 5
As months went by, I think my parents were recognizing the “young love” forming between me & that guitar player! So, as a precaution, Daddy had a talk with him. I will paraphrase: “Son, your visit has lasted a lot longer than we thought it would! So, we think it may be best if you go back home to Texas for a while!” So, long story short, HE DID! 😂
Meanwhile, I graduated nursing school, and immediately started working in ICU! My parents were so proud to have another nurse in the family. I was 18, still living at home, and life was great! Yet, my heart sure missed my best friend. We still talked on the phone, and wrote letters, but I just couldn’t get this guy out of my head! Again, I thought maybe absence would make our friendship fade!
It didn’t!
Back in Houston at 17yrs old, that boy worked any job he could get for a solid year, saved his money, and moved himself to Florida permanently! He knew my parents were NOT gonna let him live in the backyard on the bus, so he got his own apartment, and asked Daddy if he could get his job back working for the family painting business! Surprisingly, Daddy hired him back. I see now how his determination, hard work and obvious love for me must have really impressed my parents. Of course, they were not gonna tell me that, because they didn’t want to encourage something that may not be God’s will for my life! Needless to say, that guitar player was back in our band, and back in my life! He sure was hard to get rid of!
So, another extremely long story short, after 4 years of on & off dating, he asked me to marry him! He was only 19, and I was 20! Honestly, I was making great money, still doing music & ministry with my family, and enjoying my independence in my own place! Well, it was kind of my own place. It was a little house Daddy owned less than 5 miles from their house. He let me live there with another pastor’s daughter friend for very cheap rent, as long as we paid the light bill! 😂 Anyway, it gave me experience, and a sense of responsibility! Like I said in the beginning of this story, I wasn’t that girl who “dreamed” of getting married! I was EXTREMELY independent! So, I had to pray about this…really pray! I was honestly terrified! My parents instilled in me that marriage was a lifetime commitment, and God, family, and ministry always come first! I couldn’t let this boy, who says he loves me, mess up “My View From the Piano!”
Stay tuned for the final part to THIS story next Monday! PSALM 101 #ministry #love #piano #music #gospel #Jesus

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