"My Souvenir From a Foreign Country " Part 4

“My Souvenir from a Foreign Country” Part 4
Back home in Florida, I did what I loved best, writing & arranging more music! We were still doing ministry on the weekends, with a few revivals. However, we were staying closer to home! I also finished my homeschooling at 16 yrs old, and decided to take the GED! (Back then, the State of Florida didn’t honor homeschool diplomas) Needless to say, I stayed busy, and kept HIM out of my head, thinking absence would cure his “infatuation!”
My Moma was the biggest influence in my life for strong, courageous women! In fact, she still is! Moma only had a 6th grade education, and being raised in a turbulent home with an atheist father, brought even more obstacles!
However, Moma got saved the year before I was born, and that changed everything! She raised me in the beauty of holiness, and showed me by example, what a TRUE Proverbs 31 woman is!
Moma worked part time, and went back to school to get her high school diploma. Next, she finished nursing school as one of the top in her class! She worked as a Cardiac nurse for many years, and went on to teach the nursing assistants classes in Lakeland, FL! Finally, she started managing the family painting business for the latter 30 years, until she retired in 2021! All the while still being an amazing wife, mother, grandmother, ministry partner, prayer warrior and my all time favorite songwriter!
She inspired me to go to nursing school at 17 yrs old! Moma had to fight the state of Florida to get me in…18yrs old was the required age! She got a waiver from the governor stating I could start the nursing program at 17, as long as I was 18 when I took state boards! We did it! Moma taught me I could do anything, as long as I put God first!
During this time, that guitar player from Texas kept calling me EVERY Sunday afternoon, and writing me letters! He would not let me forget about him! Finally, my parents agreed to let him come for a visit! Just a visit! However, we had no idea what that 15 year old boy had in mind! He had been working, saving money, and bought his own greyhound bus ticket! He left Houston with a suitcase, a 1987 Blue Fender Stratocaster, and made the 2 day trip to Florida on that bus all by himself!
Well, he had full intentions to stay a while! Of course, he was NOT allowed to stay in our house! So, Daddy said he could stay on our old Silver Eagle ministry bus in the backyard, but not for free! Also, he was never allowed to be there, if my parents weren’t home! Daddy put him to work for $5 an hour as a “helper” in his house painting business! That boy worked hard almost 6 days a week, and ended up staying on that bus for several months! They would let him come in the house to eat supper with us, and chat a while! He would help me “study” my nursing in the living room, with everyone around watching! We were never left alone at anytime! Some say that’s too strict! However, I am extremely thankful for my parents loving me enough to protect me, and the ministry like that! They taught me I was priceless to them, and above all to God! The Bible says, if you leave a child alone they will bring you shame! They actually loved that boy, and me enough not to put us in a situation where we would be tempted! Thank God for parents who actually parent, lead and guide!
Another way they showed me what I saw from “My View From the Piano,” was the same thing I saw at home!
Stay tuned! Part 5 next Monday! PSALM 101

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