"Bill's First Miracle"

“Bill’s First Miracle”
We had only been married a little while. Bill and I were traveling with mom and dad’s ministry. Bill had heard all the testimonies and stories, and seen God move. However, he had never seen one of those healing miracles for himself, like he had heard us testify about.
We absolutely loved doing the music in their ministry! We were so blessed to be a part of it! They were our pastors, mentors, prayer partners, parents, in-laws, and best friends! They still are to this day!
Daddy had no idea what Bill had been praying about! He had been asking God to allow him to see a miracle. One Sunday, God led us to a church we had never been to before! God used my daddy that morning to minister to the people. It was getting toward the end of the service, and there was a young man sitting on the second row who had a withered hand! God led daddy over to pray for that young man! Everyone could see his hand was withered. Daddy started to pray for him, but paused! He motioned for Bill to come up to the front. He and I were sitting on the back row. Bill went forward, and Daddy asked him to stand right by the young man with the withered hand! They prayed for him, the young man started crying and praising the Lord. All of a sudden, his hand stretched out, and it went as straight as anyone else’s! I wish we had cell phone cameras back then! The look on Bill’s face was priceless! He finally witnessed his first miracle first “hand!”
The young man, and the church rejoiced over what God had done! However, Bill walked away knowing that not only could God perform miracles, but he heard a young man’s silent prayer to see a miracle for himself!

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