"Passing the Faith"

“Passing the Faith”
Growing up in a ministry family, you literally never missed church! NEVER! Which meant, there were times you went to church sick! I was not a sickly child, but I look back now, and realize the devil used many tactics trying to discourage and hinder my parents from ministry!
I will never forget this one time, I was about 4-5yrs old, and was burning up with fever! Moma had done everything she knew to do, but the fever kept climbing. Of course, my parents were already praying for me, but we were scheduled for another night of revival. They decided to go ahead and take me to church with them, but Moma sat on the back row with me. I remember, laying on the pew beside her, with my head in her lap.
She never stopped, praying! Suddenly, she said my face was turning more red by the minute, I had chills, and shaking. She feared I was fixing to go into convulsions from such a high fever! I remember Moma stood up, and interrupted the service!
She said, I am sorry, but my child needs prayer right now!
She grabbed me up, brought me down front, and laid me on the altar! My parents, and the church, started praying! You know, that loud kind of praying with the laying on of hands? Moma was desperately trying to have faith, but I am sure the fear was overwhelming! However, she wouldn’t give up, and they kept on praying! Suddenly, she said my face went from bright red, to completely normal within seconds! The chills and shaking stopped! My skin was cool to the touch! I was able to walk back to my seat, completely healed by the power of God!
That was one of my earliest memories of God divinely healing me. I guess that’s when I started learning to trust God for everything! My parents taught me to try God first! Anytime we were sick, we always prayed and trusted God first! I have raised my own two sons, the same way! Many times, I have called my parents on the phone, or ask them to come pray for our family when we are sick! We have always lived by James 5:14!
I will continue to tell my children, and my children’s children all the miracles I have seen from “My View From the Piano!” @followers PSALM 101

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