"My Souvenir from a Foreign Country" Part 6 (Final part)

“My Souvenir From a Foreign Country” Part 6 (Final part)
After much soul searching & prayer, I came to this conclusion: I wasn’t sure I was ready to get married. Consequently, we decided to “not date” for a while. So, for a few months, we were just friends again!
The root of my “not ready for marriage” conclusion was what my parents taught me about the commitment of marriage in the Bible! Being in ministry all my life, I saw many church girl’s lives ruined by marrying that guy who said he loved her. I didn’t want that to be me, if I could help it! Needless to say, life for me became very confusing! I was trying my best to prove I could live without this brown eyed, guitar player who obviously loved me! 😢 I look back now, and realize how patient he was with me! Even my parents were doing some serious fasting & praying for us!
I am not sure whose prayers reached Heaven first, but neither of us could take it anymore! So, we met for a talk! That talk led to an “emotional discussion” Ok, maybe better described as an argument! 😂Apparently, Jacob was growing weary of “working” for Rachel, and he made this statement…”We either get married, or I’m going back to Texas!” 😳 Bless his heart, that’s all I needed to hear!
I said YES!
We did not tell ANYONE we were officially engaged! He wanted to respect my parents, and do things right! So, a few days later, we drove to my parents house! He was nervous! However, when we drove up in the driveway, mom and dad were sitting on the front porch swing, as if they were waiting for us! He told them how much he loved me, and we wanted to get married! Maybe this seems old school, but he literally asked my dad for his blessing to have my hand in marriage! ❤️ Of course, my daddy being who he is, said “no you don’t have my blessing!” We were silent for a few minutes. Then, that guitar player spoke up and said, “Well, I love her and we’re going to get married anyway!” Daddy started laughing, and Moma started crying! They told us they were just joking, and had been sitting on the front porch knowing we would come ask for their blessing that night! It’s hard to surprise folks who have the Gifts of the Spirit operating in their lives 😂
My Moma helped me plan the perfect wedding for us! On September 15, 1992 Daddy walked me down the aisle, and performed the wedding ceremony at the old Lake Wire Church of God in Lakeland, FL!
Now that Bill & I were married, we traveled all over with my parents preaching and singing! That long-haired, class clown boy, from a trouble childhood, was now seeing miracles for himself from his view from the guitar! Daddy would always introduce Bill as my souvenir from Texas, which was a foreign country to us!
31 years later, we are still thankful Daddy obeyed God and took that trip to Texas! ❤️

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