"My Souvenir From a Foreign Country " Part 2

“My Souvenir From a Foreign Country“ Part 2
Texas was a foreign country to us! Especially, the big city of Houston in 1987. At 15 yrs old, I got my permit, and learned to drive on those crazy “spaghetti” loops & highways in Houston traffic! I can pretty much drive anywhere now, thanks to that experience 😂
We spent 18 months running revivals, and singing concerts all around, then we would head back to that little church in Houston for Sunday services! We saw God do some miraculous things as that little church grew, and experienced it’s own revival just about every service.
At 16yrs old, Daddy made me “the choir director!” That’s what they called it back then! Nowadays, we say worship leader! Anyway, I was having the time of my life! We had a great youth group as well! I had never really experienced this as a teenager, because we were always a traveling ministry! So, to just settle down, and be in one place every Sunday for 18 months was a whole new world for me!
I made friends! One of those friends, was that blonde haired, guitar strumming, class clown boy who gave his heart to Jesus that first Sunday we met.
Bless his heart, he was still strumming that loud, slightly out of tune, electric guitar during MY choir songs, and it just sounded terrible! My brother and I had to think of a plan to “fix” that problem. So, we invited him to start playing acoustic guitar with our family singing group! Acoustic meant NOT PLUGGED IN! In other words, with our keyboard and drums, you could no longer hear him strumming that guitar! 😜 Problem solved!
Those 18 months in Texas were life-changing for me! The Lord helped me to seriously start writing songs, and arranging music! One of those songs, I still sing today in our Psalm 101 concerts! “Gloryworld” is one of my most requested songs. ❤️
I also learned about friendships! Our new acoustic player became my best friend! I do believe his goal in life was to make me laugh! We came from completely different backgrounds, and had almost nothing in common… but music! We both loved music!
One Sunday Daddy stood up in front of the congregation and announced that the Lord had spoken, and it was time for my family to leave! I was completely heartbroken that Sunday at church from “My View From the Piano!”

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