"Momma Don't Preach"

“Momma Don’t Preach” When God called Daddy to preach, he thought HE made a mistake! Daddy gave God every excuse why he couldn’t, but God had plans! There are some amazing preachers who can preach the Word, but they are…

"Bill's First Miracle"

“Bill’s First Miracle” We had only been married a little while. Bill and I were traveling with mom and dad’s ministry. Bill had heard all the testimonies and stories, and seen God move. However, he had never seen one of…

"My Souvenir From a Foreign Country " Part 4

“My Souvenir from a Foreign Country” Part 4 Back home in Florida, I did what I loved best, writing & arranging more music! We were still doing ministry on the weekends, with a few revivals. However, we were staying closer…

"My Souvenir From a Foreign Country " Part 3

“My Souvenir From a Foreign Country“ Part 3 A few weeks before our final Sunday at that little church in Houston, my best friend decided to tell me that he loved me, and wanted to be more than just friends… Read more

"My Souvenir From a Foreign Country " Part 2

“My Souvenir From a Foreign Country“ Part 2 Texas was a foreign country to us! Especially, the big city of Houston in 1987. At 15 yrs old, I got my permit, and learned to drive on those crazy “spaghetti” loops… Read more

"My Souvenir From a Foreign Country " Part 1

“My Souvenir From a Foreign Country” Part 1 It was 1987, I was almost 15 yrs old, and had already traveled many miles doing revivals with my family! Singing & ministry was my life, and I absolutely loved it! I…

"Fist Full of Dollars"

“Fist Full of Dollars” I was barely tall enough to see over the rails around the church platform, but Momma taught me to sing my first song. She got saved a year before I was born. Some of my earliest… Read more

“The Fire Fell.”

“The Fire Fell”

About 8 years ago, Psalm 101 was invited to sing at a special service honoring a pastor and his wife! We only had a small part in the service, just singing a few songs. The decor, was…

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“A New Dress!”

“A New Dress” 
It was the Bowling Green, FL Church of God around the mid 1970s! We were in another revival, people getting blessed, saved, healed, delivered & filled with the Holy Ghost! That was a common thing, back in…

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“Pushed By the Wind”

“Pushed by The Wind”
(Literally & Spiritually)

In the early part of 1976, we loaded up the motorhome and headed to Virginia! No one had called us, and we didn’t know exactly where we were going! Daddy just told Moma…

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The Kitchen Experience

“The Kitchen Experience”

My earliest memory of a spiritual encounter was around three years old! I always remember Moma and Daddy praying at the house! As much of the power of God as I experienced in these church services growing…

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